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Water Membrane Desulfurization Dust Remover SF Type

Water Membrane Desulfurization Dust Remover SF Type

  • Water Membrane Desulfurization Dust Remover SF Type
Water Membrane Desulfurization Dust Remover SF Type
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Place of Origin: jiangsu,wuxi
Brand Name: changier
Certification: iso, ce
Model Number: 005
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: container
Delivery Time: 30-90d
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1
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Detailed Product Description
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Water Membrane Dust Remover


SF Type Dust Remover


Desulfurization Gas Treatment Equipment

First, the structure and principles

SF-type water membrane desulfurization dust remover is mainly composed of Venturi, main cylinder body, upper injection tank, lower overflow hole, cleaning hole, etc. , its working principle is: when the dust gas from the total air inflow pipe into Wenqiuli spray atomization device shrink pipe, the air flow rate increases, to the throat when the flow rate reaches a larger value. The washing water added to the pipe is affected by high-speed airflow, forming droplets and atomizing, and the dust particles are moistened. Collisions and condensations occur between dust particles and between droplets and dust particles. In the diffusion tube, the air flow speed is reduced sharply, making it easy to form large dust droplets. When the washing water is added with lye (PH value ≥9), the lye is well atomized, when sulfur dioxide gas passes through, can be very good mixed with the lye, to achieve the effect of desulfurization.

The fumes then enter the barrel. The cylinder body is a circular cylinder body, water from the upper water tank of the dust collector into the barrel, so that the entire cylinder wall forms a layer of water film flowing from top to bottom, flue gas from the lower part of the cylinder body cut into, rotates up in the cylinder body, dust gas in the centrifugal force and the wall of the water film friction, so that the dust gas is moistened by the water film, dust particles with water flow to the bottom of the dust collector, from the bottom of the water leak. On the bottom back of the barrel body and with a water seal tank to prevent smoke from leaking out of the lower part, there are cleaning holes to facilitate the bottom cleaning of the barrel body. After dust removal, the waste water is discharged from the bottom overflow hole into the sedimentation pool, which is mediumed and recycled. The purified gas is eeled through the upper cone part of the barrel, thus achieving the purpose of dust removal. The desulfurization effect can be achieved by adding alkaline water (PH ≥9) to the circulating pool.

Second, characteristics

Composite water film desulfurization dust remover characteristics, low cost, easy installation, light weight, reduce the price of dust remover, is the ideal boiler supporting products for users.

1. The internal use of natural granite, mechanically machined into a circular bending plate, the overall structure smooth and smooth. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance.
2. In the middle with high temperature and acid-base-resistant material pouring, rebar mesh by the steel mold pouring, external steel plate maintenance.
3. The upper sink is ceramic in structure, which ensures that it is not susceptible to leakage during use.
4. Due to the use of the body each section 1 meter, each section of the interface has a bump-shaped seam, installation with acid-resistant glue applied to the seam connection, to ensure that the connection is not easy to leak.
5. Composite water film desulfurization dust remover imported into Wenqiuli spray atomization device, improve the efficiency of dust removal and desulfurization.


Third, the main technical performance and parameters
Dust removal efficiency: >98%
Desulfurization efficiency: >80%
Export smoke speed: 18 to 22m/s
Imported smoke speed: 16 to 20m/s
Drop catcher cylinder rise smoke rate: 3.5 to 5.5m/s
Overflow tank static pressure: 2 to 5mmH2O
Barrel resistance: 70 to 120mmH2O
Water vapor ratio (a): 0.12kg/m3
Water consumption G water (kg/h): G water × Q a for the water vapor ratio, Q for the hourly treatment of flue gas m3 /h

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