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Cast Iron Gas Treatment Equipment Multi Tube Electrostatic Dust Remover

Cast Iron Gas Treatment Equipment Multi Tube Electrostatic Dust Remover

  • Cast Iron Gas Treatment Equipment Multi Tube Electrostatic Dust Remover
Cast Iron Gas Treatment Equipment Multi Tube Electrostatic Dust Remover
Product Details:
Place of Origin: jiangsu,wuxi
Brand Name: changier
Certification: iso, ce
Model Number: 004
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: container
Delivery Time: 30-90d
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1
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Detailed Product Description
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Multi Tube Dust Remover


Cast Iron Electrostatic Dust Remover


Electrostatic Gas Treatment Equipment

With the continuous development of new technologies, the company has developed two new single-tube processing air volume of 1500m3/h and 3000m3/h and wear resistance, high temperature 300-500 degrees C, 500-1000 degrees C of two cast iron cyclone tubes (users can choose according to their own needs). It consists of several in-company cast iron cyclone duster units (also known as cast iron cyclone body) composed of dust removal equipment, belongs to the cyclone type duster. Cast iron multi-tube dust remover, made of high chromium cast iron material. It can consist of a general cast iron cyclone duster unit or a DC cyclone duster unit, which is organically combined in a housing with a total air inflow pipe, exhaust pipe and ash bucket. Grey bucket ash can be in a variety of forms, such as manual, semi-automatic, automatic.

First, how to work:


Dust remover movement - guide, cyclone, discharge pipe system is made of high-quality cast iron material, when the dust gas enters the dust remover inlet, through the cast iron guide, rotates inside the cyclone, under the role of centrifugal force, dust and gas separation, dust landed in the dust collection box, discharged by the locker.


The dust-containing gas enters the gas distribution chamber from the total air inlet tube and then into the circular gap between the cast iron cyclone body and the conductive film. The diversion film makes the gas move from vertical cut to the various cyclone mouths, and most of the rotating air flow spirals downwards along the cyclone body from the cylinder body, flowing towards the cone, and the dusty gas produces centrifugal force in the process of rotation, throwing dust particles with a density greater than the gas to the cylinder wall. When the dust particles come into contact with the barrel wall, they lose their inertial force and rely on the momentum of the inlet speed and the downward gravity to fall down the wall into the ash drain into the total ash bucket. Therefore, usable dust can be recycled and recycled.


When the rotating falling external cyclone flow reaches the lower end of the cone, the spiral flow (net gas) continues from the bottom up in the direction of the cyclone shaft in the same direction of rotation, through the cast iron cyclone exhaust pipe into the exhaust chamber, which is discharged by the total exhaust port.


Second, the main technical parameters:

Dust removal efficiency: 80-92%

Resistance: 1000 to 1200pa

Temperature: 300 to 500 degrees C 600 to 1000 degrees C

Import flow rate: 10 to 15m/s

Third, the advantages:


1, cast iron multi-tube dust remover and electrostation dust remover, the total investment greatly reduced only static dust removal 1/3, compared with water film dust remover, no water, no secondary pollution, no waste water discharge;

2, one-time investment less. This dust remover basically does not need maintenance, long service life, equipment body warranty of 8 years;

3, the treatment of large air volume, load adaptability, cast iron movement smooth and durable, will not produce clogging phenomenon. Small footprint, according to user site conditions, according to local conditions, flexible installation, placed indoors, open air can be;

4, this dust remover is an energy-saving dust remover, it and static electricity, water film dust removal, all need to overcome the flue gas forward resistance consumption of a part of the drag wind electromechanical energy, but it does not need to consume energy.

5, applicable to various models and various combustion methods of industrial boilers, industrial kilns, steel sintering machine dust removal and thermal power plant boiler dust treatment.

Fourth, installation, use and maintenance:


1, the specific installation of equipment according to user use on-site installation, installation should be strictly not easy to leak. The external connection tube must match the bolt holes of the import and export flanges of the equipment.

2, before operation, open the fan, air tightness inspection, the air leakage site should be handled in a timely manner to prevent the efficiency of dust removal.

3, before running, should first turn on the fan;

4, no matter what way to remove ash, should be regularly cleared, to prevent clogging, affecting the operation.

V. Installation precautions:

1, in the installation process pay attention to the collision, should be lightly put;

2, in the installation, the box and the gray bucket french, import and export french connection in the middle of the use of asbestos rope, and bolted, to prevent leakage, affecting the effect of dust removal;

3, after the normal operation, must be timely out of ash, generally not more than 4h / times, to prevent excessive dust collection in the gray bucket;

4, by the design of the use of units should be based on the amount of flue gas, supporting the use of dust removers, I units can also be based on the site design dust remover layout

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