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Steel Gas Treatment Equipment Integral Desulphurizer Tower 1200 Pa

Steel Gas Treatment Equipment Integral Desulphurizer Tower 1200 Pa

  • Steel Gas Treatment Equipment Integral Desulphurizer Tower 1200 Pa
Steel Gas Treatment Equipment Integral Desulphurizer Tower 1200 Pa
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Place of Origin: jiangsu,wuxi
Brand Name: changier
Certification: iso, ce
Model Number: 2
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Steel Desulfurization Tower


Integral Desulfurization Tower


Desulfurizer Gas Treatment Equipment

Steel desulphurizer is designed, manufactured and accepted strictly according to the technical conditions of welded atmospheric pressure vessel of JB288< steel. The integral desulfurization tower is upgraded on the basis of the original compound desulfurization tower. The main body of the equipment is welded by 10~20 mm of Q235 steel plate according to different models, which is more beautiful and generous than the compound desulfurization tower, and is not easy to leak in the process of use; the main lining can be made in various forms. One can be lined with granite strip or ceramic plate, the middle with acid-resistant cement grouting and shell to form a whole; the other can be coated with epoxy resin or glass scales on the inner surface of steel shell. Both forms can be integrated factory, on-site installation; platform, climbing ladder, liquid supply pipeline and other supporting facilities system on-site production and installation.
The structure of the steel desulfurization tower is smooth and smooth, and the sealing performance is good. It has the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance. The general service life can reach 20 years.

Flue gas is pumped into the desulfurization tower by induced fan, and a first stage spray device is arranged in the radial inlet duct of the desulfurization tower. The flue gas after cooling and pre-desulfurization rises uniformly from the middle and lower parts of the desulfurization tower. Desulfurization liquid provides a large contact area for the full mixing of flue gas and desulfurization liquid through spiral nozzle, which makes the gas-liquid two phases carry out full mass transfer and heat transfer physical and chemical reaction, thus achieving SO2 high efficiency removal.
The desulfurization tower has a two-stage dehydration and mist removal device, the flue gas after desulphurization continues to rise, and then passes through two layers of baffle demister in turn, forming large droplets through multiple impacts of fog and small droplets at the folding plate. The large droplets fall after separation from the flue gas, and the dehydrated flue gas is discharged through the flue to the chimney.
Desulphurization efficiency :≥90% resistance :<1200 Pa

Installation steps:
1. the ground treatment at the designated position as the foundation, the foundation size shall be based on the foundation layout plan.
2. desulfurization tower according to 1 section 3 meters production, site hoisting. According to equipment 1,2,3,4 and so on from the bottom to the top symmetrical flat installation. That is, the number 1 is placed on the level base ,2 on 1,3 on 2 in turn. Installation requirements: simplified round strength inside and outside alignment. The first section should be horizontal and vertical on the basis of leveling. Keep the nodes perpendicular to each other.
3.2-3 layer atomization device, demister and flushing device are installed in desulfurization tower. Circulating spray tower, flushing water pipe, water pump and so on can refer to the layout plan, according to the site terrain to determine.
After the main body of the 4. desulfurization tower is installed, the joint should be leveled into the cylinder.
5. the circulating sedimentation tank can refer to the basic layout plan according to the site topography, but there is a reaction tank, sedimentation tank and clear water tank.
1. the diameter and height of the desulfurization tower can be adjusted according to the actual flue gas quantity, desulfurization efficiency and site.
2. flue gas inlet temperature is not higher than 200°C, if the temperature >200°C,C need to increase the pre-lowering tower.
3. imported dust concentration <200 mg/Nm3.
Working Principle of Magnesium Oxide Desulfurization Liquid
Magnesium oxide desulphurization mechanism is similar to calcium oxide desulphurization mechanism. Alkaline oxide reacts with water to form hydroxide, and then acid-base neutralization reaction with sulfur dioxide dissolved in aquatic sulfite solution. Magnesium sulfite and magnesium sulfate produced by magnesium oxide reaction are reused after recovery SO2 or forced oxidation into sulfate to make magnesium sulfate heptahydrate.
The main chemical reactions during desulfurization are
MgO+H2O=Mg (OH)2
Mg (OH)2+SO2=MgSO3+H2O
MgSO3+H2O+SO2=Mg (HSO3)2
O2MgSO3+MgSO4 MgSO3+1/2
The main reactions of magnesium oxide regeneration are
Mg (HSO3)2→MgO+H2O+2 SO2
O2SO2+SO3 SO2+1/2
MgSO4? when forced oxidation of byproducts 7H2O

O2MgSO3+MgSO4 MgSO3+1/2
MgSO4+7 H2OMgSO4+MgSO4? 7H2O

Steel Gas Treatment Equipment Integral Desulphurizer Tower 1200 Pa 0

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