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Hospital Wastewater Treatment PE08 PE09 MBBR Water Filter Media

Hospital Wastewater Treatment PE08 PE09 MBBR Water Filter Media

  • Hospital Wastewater Treatment PE08 PE09 MBBR Water Filter Media
  • Hospital Wastewater Treatment PE08 PE09 MBBR Water Filter Media
Hospital Wastewater Treatment PE08 PE09 MBBR Water Filter Media
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Changier
Model Number: PE08 PE09
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiation
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: woven bag,0.1cbm/bag
Delivery Time: 7-15 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 15CBM/DAY
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Detailed Product Description
Material: 100% Virgin HDPE Product Name: PE08 PE09 MBBR Filter Media
Color: White Usage: Water Treatment
Service Life: >15 Years Membrane-forming Time: 3-15 Days
Size: Φ25*10/ Φ5*10 Country Of Origin: China
High Light:

PE08 MBBR Filter Media


PE09 MBBR Filter Media


8 hole MBBR Filter Media

Hospital Wastewater Treatment PE08 PE09 MBBR Filter Media


Product Description


Fluidized bed packing, also known as MBBR packing, is a new type of bioactive carrier. It adopts scientific formula, according to different water quality requirements, integrates different kinds of Microelements in polymer materials, which are conducive to the rapid growth of microorganisms. After special process modification and construction, it has the advantages of large specific surface area, good hydrophilicity, good fluidity, high biological activity, easy to hang membrane, good treatment effect, long service life and so on.

Principle of action of fluidized bed packing when sewage passes through the fluidized bed packing reactor, microorganisms in the water continuously adhere to and grow on the inner and outer surfaces of the fluidized bed packing to form a biofilm. The fluid bed packing rotates freely under the agitation of the mixed liquid in the reactor. The biofilm fully contacts and decomposes the pollutants in the water body, so that the water quality can be purified. The turnover of mixed liquid and the movement of carrier are realized by aerobic aeration or anaerobic agitation.


Technology Parameter


Hole Numbers
Efficient Surface
Packing Numbers
Dosing Ratio
Membrane-forming Time




1. Enhanced nitrogen and phosphorus removal
The sludge age separation of different functional microorganisms in the same reactor can be realized by using the composite process of activated sludge and suspended packing. Denitrifying bacteria (nitrifying bacteria) are generally long sludge age bacteria, which need a longer sludge age (15-25d); phosphorus removing bacteria (phosphorus accumulating bacteria) are generally short sludge age bacteria, which need a shorter sludge age (3-7d); the sludge age is too long, which is easy to cause poor microbial activity, reduce the treatment load, aging is difficult to gather and reduce the sedimentation performance, etc. in fact, there is an irreconcilable contradiction in the sludge age in the traditional denitrifying and phosphorus removal process .

The composite process provides a carrier for the growth of nitrifying bacteria, prolongs the sludge age and improves the denitrification effect due to the addition of biological fillers; at the same time, controlling the activated sludge system to a short sludge age can enhance the phosphorus removal effect; the sludge membrane fully fluidizes under the driving of aeration and water flow, promotes the renewal of biological membrane, prevents the sludge age from being too long and the sludge aging treatment performance from declining; the water temperature in winter is low and the activated sludge age is low When the sludge system is not conducive to the growth of nitrifying bacteria, the abscission biofilm can continuously inoculate the activated sludge and maintain the nitrification performance of the system.

2. Strong impact load resistance and good treatment effect
The impact load mainly includes the impact of conventional pollutant water quality, toxic pollutant water quality and water quantity. In essence, it is the impact of the change of pollutant quantity carried by microorganism per unit surface area on the treatment effect in unit time. The sludge age in the packing area of MBBR Process is long and the abundance of microbial population is increased, which is beneficial to the treatment of refractory organics.

Under the conditions of low temperature, high salt and low substrate, MBBR has a long mud age and a partial aerobic and anoxic microenvironment, which is conducive to the selection and enrichment of microorganisms and the enrichment of domesticated psychrophilic bacteria and high salt tolerant bacteria.

The mass transfer of biofilm is slower than that of activated sludge, and the heat generated by biodegradation is also slowly exchanged with water body. Improving the local environmental temperature of microorganisms is conducive to the maintenance of bacterial activity, which shows that MBBR still has a better treatment effect under the conditions of low temperature, high salt and low substrate.

3. The activated sludge is not easy to expand
The pure MBBR system is adopted, because it is a pure membrane method, there is no sludge bulking problem; when the composite process of activated sludge and suspended filler is adopted, due to the high proportion of inorganic matter in the aged falling biofilm, the density is large and easy to settle; and the extracellular polymer of biofilm is more than that of activated sludge, which has the contact flocculation effect, improves the sludge aggregation performance and improves the sludge settling performance.
The sludge yield of the biofilm process is only half of that of the activated sludge process. MBBR Process can significantly reduce the sludge yield, improve the sludge settling performance, easily reduce the water content of sludge, and save the cost of sludge disposal.

4. It is not easy to block and need no back washing
In the fixed bed process, there are many problems, such as uneven water distribution, easy to produce and die area, additional energy consumption and supporting facilities required for regular backwashing, and reduction of nitrification performance caused by red insects. Because the packing and water flow can be mixed in the whole volume of the biological pool, the possibility of blockage of the biological pool is fundamentally eliminated, and the pool capacity is fully utilized without back washing.

5. Long service life of MBBR suspension packing system
The packing is wear-resistant and durable. The agitator adopts banana type agitating blade, with soft outline and without damaging the packing. The whole agitating and aeration system is easy to maintain and manage. As the cutting effect of packing on air bubble improves the oxygen transfer efficiency, perforated aeration can be used to improve the safety of aeration system and prolong the maintenance period.

6. Applicable to upgrading and three-dimensional capacity expansion of sewage treatment plant
MBBR Process has high flexibility in operation, and can adopt various tank types without affecting the treatment effect of the process; at the same time, it can be very flexible to select different specific surface area fillers and different filler filling rates. When the water quality or quantity of influent water changes in actual operation, only by increasing the filling rate of filler, it can ensure that the original designed biological tank capacity remains unchanged, achieve the purpose of physical capacity expansion, and achieve the requirements of both efficient treatment and long-term expansion of treatment scale without increasing the tank capacity.


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Imported quality material is used and has passed the strict inspection and supervision of thecompany so as to ensure excellence of products.

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It is applied in the moving bed biological reactor technology. It can reduce biochemical oxygen demand, total suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphorus makes it an effective solution to a variety of regulatory treatment standards.

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