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Anti Radiation Emergency Red Lead Sandbag Anti Electromagnetic Radiation

Anti Radiation Emergency Red Lead Sandbag Anti Electromagnetic Radiation

  • Anti Radiation Emergency Red Lead Sandbag Anti Electromagnetic Radiation
Anti Radiation Emergency Red Lead Sandbag Anti Electromagnetic Radiation
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: Changier
Model Number: Customized
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden case or according to user's request.
Delivery Time: 1-3WORK DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 100 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Radiation Proof Emergency Lead Sandbag Colour: RED
Advantage: Anti Electromagnetic Radiation Port: Shanghai, China
High Light:

x ray shielding


lead radioactive shielding


Anti Radiation Emergency Red Lead Sandbag Anti Electromagnetic Radiation


1 .  Product Description

Electromagnetic wave has penetrability and diffraction. The frequency of electromagnetic wave multiplied by wavelength is equal to the speed of vacuum light. Visible light is also an electromagnetic wave.

The higher the frequency of electromagnetic wave, the shorter the wavelength, the stronger the penetration ability and the weaker the diffraction ability. X-ray, such as X-ray, has a super high frequency of more than 10 billion MHz and a wavelength of less than 10 nm (1 m is equal to 1 billion nm). It has a very strong penetration ability and basically no diffraction ability. The protective clothing is effective for this kind of radiation. As long as you put on the protective clothing in the face of the X-ray machine, you can absorb the radiation. X-ray is basic There is no diffractive power to radiate you from the side.

Lead sandbags can effectively prevent various electromagnetic radiation.


2 . Anti radiation emergency lead sandbag to explain common radiation sources


1. Common electromagnetic radiation sources Generally speaking, radar system, television and radio transmission system, radio frequency induction and medium heating equipment, radio frequency and microwave medical equipment, various electrical processing equipment, communication transmission station, satellite earth communication station, large-scale power generation station, power transmission and transformation equipment, high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage transmission lines, metro trains and electric trains, as well as most household appliances, etc. can produce each other Electromagnetic radiation sources of different forms, frequencies and intensities.


2. Electromagnetic radiation

Division of radiation field area: electromagnetic radiation field area is generally divided into far field and near field.


3.1. Near field and its characteristics: the region with the field source as the center and within a wavelength range is usually called near field or induction field. The near-field usually has the following characteristics: in the near-field, there is no definite proportion between the electric field strength and the magnetic field strength. Generally, for the field source with high voltage and small current (such as transmitting antenna and feeder), the electric field is much stronger than the magnetic field. For the field source with low voltage and large current (such as the mold of some induction heating equipment), the magnetic field is much larger than the electric field. The electromagnetic field intensity in the near field is much larger than that in the far field. From this point of view, the emphasis of electromagnetic protection should be on the near-field. The electromagnetic field intensity in the near-field changes rapidly with distance, and the inhomogeneity is large in this space.


3.2 the far-field and its characteristics are called far-field or radiation field when the field source is the center and the radius is beyond one wavelength. The main characteristics of far-field are as follows: in far-field, all electromagnetic energy radiates and propagates in the form of electromagnetic wave, and the attenuation of radiation intensity of this field is much slower than that of induction field. In the far field, the electric field intensity and the magnetic field intensity have the following relations: in the international system of units, e = 377h, the electric field and the magnetic field are perpendicular to each other and the propagation direction of electromagnetic wave. The far field is weak and its electromagnetic field intensity is small.


3.3 significance of the division of near-field and far-field: generally, for a fixed electromagnetic radiation source that can produce a certain intensity, the electromagnetic field intensity of near-field radiation is relatively large, so we should pay special attention to the protection of near-field of electromagnetic radiation. In addition, there should be a concept of near-field. For the frequency range of 3000MHz from short band 30MHz to micro band that we often contact, the wavelength range is from 10m to 1m.


A healthy person can withstand the short-term 5000r load, but the dosage of 700R is enough to make a healthy person suffer a fatal threat, but each person's physical resistance is different, and each person will have different degrees of symptoms. Generally by electromagnetic radiation pollution will cause headache, insomnia, heart rate and other central nervous problems. At the same time, for some people's eyes may have an impact, there is a decline in vision, skin diseases and other phenomena, the serious may also cause cancer. For pregnant women may lead to miscarriage, the elderly with cardiac pacemaker should pay special attention. At the same time, different people or the same person have different ability to bear electromagnetic radiation at different ages. Even in the environment exceeding the standard, it does not mean that all people will get sick. Therefore, it is unnecessary to "fight everywhere" for electromagnetic radiation. However, for the elderly, children, pregnant women or patients with pacemakers, people who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation and those who work in the environment of over dose electromagnetic radiation for a long time, preventive measures should be taken.


The elimination of radiation here refers only to the reduction of electromagnetic radiation, not to all radiation. Mobile phone anti radiation bag plays a very good anti demagnetization, anti radiation function shielding effect. Put the mobile phone into the radiation proof bag for more than ten seconds, it can have an immediate effect, with fast response speed and powerful response function.

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