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Waste Oil Water Treatment Equipment DAF System Dissolved Air Flotation Unit

Waste Oil Water Treatment Equipment DAF System Dissolved Air Flotation Unit

  • Waste Oil Water Treatment Equipment DAF System Dissolved Air Flotation Unit
Waste Oil Water Treatment Equipment DAF System Dissolved Air Flotation Unit
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu,China
Brand Name: Changier
Certification: ISO9001/CE
Model Number: DAF-100
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiation
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Wooden Box
Delivery Time: 6 Weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 1000 Units Per Year
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Detailed Product Description
Application: Dissolved Air Flotation For Water Clarification Operation: 24 Hours Continuely Running
Power: Accordingly Material Of Construction: SS316L/SS304
Warrenty: Over 1 Year Function: Separate Liquid And Solid
High Light:

daf machine


daf equipment

Waste Oil Water Treatment Equipment DAF System Dissolved Air Flotation Unit




    Dissolved Air Systerm has ingenious structure, and its efficiency of dissolving air is as high as 90%. But its volume is only one-fifth of the other kind of dissolved air system.

   In addition, it still has the super anti-clogging ability which is incomparable;Release effect and the mean diameter of microbubble is only between 15 to 30 microns. In addition that,this kind of dissolved air releasers also has the self-cleaning ability.This device also applies Chained Scum Skimmer, works Smooth and reliably and skims scum efficiently.

  Dissolved air flotation machine (DAF) is manufactured by our factory and mainly used for solid-liquid separation and liquid-liquid separation.

   A large numbers of fine and uniform bubble (5 ~ 80μm), bubbles, water, floc (oil) three-phase mixture, as a carrier, bubbles mixed with floc particles suspended in the water. Connect, adhesion, form floc with bubbles and float to the liquid surface, scraping scum to achieve separation of impurities, water purification.


DAF Parameter


Model Capacity Power(kw) Dimension(m) Pipe connection(DN)
(m3/h) Recycle pump Air compressor Skimming system L/L1 W/W1 H/H1 (a) Water inlet (b) water outlet (c) sludge outlet
DAF-002 ~2 0.75 0.55 0.2 3.2/2.5 2.4/1.16 2.2/1.7 40 40 80
DAF-003 ~3 0.75 0.55 0.2 3.5/2.8 2.4/1.16 2.2/1.7 80 80 100
DAF-005 ~5 1.1 0.55 0.2 3.8/3.0 2.4/1.16 2.2/1.7 80 80 100
DAF-010 ~10 1.5 0.55 0.2 4.5/3.8 2.7/1.36 2.4/1.9 100 100 100
DAF-015 ~15 2.2 0.75 0.2 5.5/4.5 2.9/1.6 2.4/1.9 100 100 100
DAF-020 ~20 3 0.75 0.2 5.7/4.8 3.2/2.2 2.4/1.9 150 150 150
DAF-030 ~30 3 0.75 0.2 6.5/5.5 3.2/2.2 2.5/2.0 150 150 150
DAF-040 ~40 5.5 0.75 0.2 7.7/6.7 3.6/2.6 2.5/2.1 200 200 150
DAF-050 ~50 5.5 0.75 0.2 8.1/7.1 3.6/2.6 2.5/2.1 200 200 150
DAF-060 ~60 7.5 1.5 0.2 9.5/8.4 3.8/2.8 2.5/2.1 250 250 150
DAF-070 ~70 7.5 1.5 0.2 10.0/9.0 3.8/2.8 2.5/2.1 250 250 150
DAF-080 ~80 11 1.5 0.2 10.5/9.5 4.0/3.0 2.5/2.1 250 250 150
DAF-100 ~100 15 2.2 0.2 11.7/10.6 4.2/3.2 2.5/2.1 300 300 150
DAF-120 ~120 15 2.2 0.2 12.5/11.4 4.4/3.4 2.5/2.1 300 300 150



Work Principle


   The air will be send by air compressor into air tank, then take in air dissolved tank by jet flow device, the air will be force to dissolve into water under 0.35Mpa pressure and forming dissolved air water, then send to air flotation tank.


   Under the circumstance of sudden release, the air dissolved in water will be dissolve out and form vast microbubble group, which will be fully contact the flocculating suspended matter in sewage, the suspended matter was sent by pump and flocculation after adding medicine, the ascending microbubble group will adsorb in the flocculated suspended matter, made its density reduce and floated to water surface, thus reach the purpose of removing SS and CODcr etc.


Waste Oil Water Treatment Equipment DAF System Dissolved Air Flotation Unit 0


Application in Various Industry


The aim of dissolved air flotation is to separate the fine suspended solids in water, algae and micro-floc. And dissolved air flotation can be used in the following industries:


l Separate or recycle waste oil or grease in : oil exploration and refining, biodiesel, machining , food production and catering and so on.

lBiochemical effluent liquid separation: the anaerobic effluent solid-liquid separation, aerobic (activated sludge process, contact oxidation, filter) biochemical water solid-liquid separation, the secondary settling tank Effluent treatment and so on.

lPurification: river, landscape, recycle water and so on.

lHigh concentration organic wastewater treatment: paper, printing and dyeing, textile, leather, pharmaceutical, fermentation wastewater and so on.

l Farm and slaughter house wastewater treatment: cattle, pigs, chickens farm, slaughter house wastewater.

l Manufacturing waste: electroplating, painting, etc.


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